Monday, June 05, 2006

Where Is That 35%, Anyway?

As has been noted just about everywhere on Earth, Dubya's approval rating is in the tank. Some suggest he's bottomed-out, although these are the same people who have been saying exactly the same thing each time a new poll comes out with a new low.

Anyway, for quite some time, Dubya's approval rating has floated around 35%. I've often wondered where, exactly, that 35% lives. How we have a visual. Oboserve:

Idaho and Utah. Ah. That explains it.

(Animation courtesy of dreaminonempty at Daily Kos.)

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Blogger Welt said...

Great post, Derek. Love that map. 35%? Sure thats 35% of 1500 people polled. It would be really interesting if they polled a much larger number that would include most of the lower 48. Then you get your real approval number.

8:50 PM  

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